World Earth Day 2021

Millions of people around the globe will be marking Earth Day on 22nd April, started in the US in 1970, the day aims to remind people of the need to take action to address climate change and environmental destruction. Unfortunately global figures show that CO emission levels are back to what they were pre-pandemic, so

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Local Falls Prevention Service – Case Study

Ryan from Everyone Health came to give a talk about Falls Prevention to our village club and I knew I needed to know much more about this organization.  I had suffered several falls in recent years including seriously breaking an ankle twice and the amount of times I fell were increasing, especially when walking outdoors.

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Winter Grants

Winter  Grant – Apply Now Available until 31st March. Has COVID-19 left you struggling to feed everyone in your household or pay to heat your home? Healthy You’s partner, the Community Navigator Service and Care Network may be able to help by applying for a Winter Grant Direct Award. Applications can be made for one-off

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