Are you going sober for October?

Sober October is upon us once again, and as we gear up to enter the last (and arguably, the most stressful) quarter of the year, we feel this is perhaps best time to say bye to the booze for 31 days and reset ourselves and our relationship with alcohol.

A month of sobriety can have you reaping all the benefits of an alcohol-free life, and believe us when we say there’s a lot. From health benefits like better sleep and increased productivity, to better skin and weight loss. And with alcohol set to become even more expensive in the UK (you can read more about that here, your bank account is also about to be a whole lot healthier.  

We’ve listed below our top tips so you can keep your motivations in mind and stay firmly on track for a successful Sober October.

Finding alcohol-free alternatives

Whether you’ve had a stressful day, want to join in on celebrations, or you just simply want to sit down with a nice tipple at dinner – stocking up on an alcohol-free alternative will help you to not stray away from your sobriety. Most alcohol-free options are also now lower in calories and price than the real thing, and we can guarantee you won’t wake up with the morning-after misery.

Get moving

Most of us turn to alcohol as a stress-relief, so it’s now time we find something else to free us from the shackles of stress. Exercise is perhaps one of the best natural stress-relievers and can boost your mood within minutes. No, you don’t need to now sign up for the gym or put yourself through a grueling HIIT workout – going for simple walk is enough to exert some energy and de-stress.

Don’t isolate yourself

You’ve given up alcohol, not your social life. Sober socialising can be scary, especially when temptations begin to creep in – but getting out and interacting with your friends and family can do wonders for your mental health. If going out for a whole evening is too much for you, then just an hour or two is more than enough.

Enjoy a hangover-free morning

Long gone are the days where you wake up filled with anxiety and checking your bank account which has become an extreme sport. Instead, you wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on the day. You can take your time to make a nourishing breakfast (we recommend this spiced apple porridge, perfect for these autumnal mornings) to fuel your morning workout or walk.

Happy Oct-Sober everyone!

A friendly reminder we offer FREE Alcohol Support for anybody who wants to cut down on their drinking. To get started with us today, click here.

Are you going sober for October?      
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