Meet The Team

This Healthy Lifestyles part of the service is overseen by a service manager whose role includes leading on programme development and evaluation, as well as coordinating the programme across the county.

A Coordinator will lead on Healthy You in each of the districts; providing support to individuals, communities, clubs and other organisations in order to develop accessible opportunities and engagement in physical activity, as well as develop programmes that support healthy eating.

Below you can see each of the Coordinators and which district they cover, as well as a little bit of information about them. Their contact details are also provided, so feel free to contact them directly if you feel there is a case to.

Michael Firek

Service manager and Countywide coordination

I’m Michael and in my role for Living Sport I carry out the Countywide coordination of this Healthy You service.

I suppose you would say I have always been sporty, playing any sport I could and when I could, however as I have got older this is less the case. I do much more coaching rather than playing now, therefore fitting physical activity into my lifestyle is more challenging. I enjoy walks with my family and springer spaniel, the occasional run and cycle ride too. Generally spending time outdoors and in nature is my favourite way to get away from it all!

I am passionate about physical activity and the difference it can make to the health and wellbeing of people, and believe strongly that there is something for everyone. The benefits of being physically active go way beyond physical wellbeing – mental health, social and emotional wellbeing are equally important.

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Danielle Guy

Coordinator for Cambridge City

I’m Dani and I’m one of the Coordinators for Cambridge City.

I would say running is my sport but that definitely hasn’t always been the case. I used to absolutely loath cross country at school! I got into running in 2013 when I was living abroad as part of my Spanish degree, at the time I was teaching in a primary school and I found running was a great way to clear my head. I went on to train as a volunteer Run Leader, set up Let’s Run Girls and become a Run Leader Mentor – things I definitely never thought I would do. I’ve been really lucky to turn my love of getting people moving into a profession, working across the City to support others to get active and make positive changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

The Healthy You project is a really exciting opportunity for us to work collaboratively with new partners, think creatively and challenge our City residents to make healthy choices.

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Tansy Bruce

Coordinator for Cambridge City

I’m Tansy and I am one of the Coordinators for Cambridge City.

​I come from a dance background so have always made physical activity an important part of my life. I started work as an exercise to music instructor 17 years ago and since then have developed a particular interest in the benefits that keeping physically active has on health.

In 2012 I began work as the exercise referral coordinator for West Chesterton, then in 2014 I became a Sports Development Officer for Cambridge City Council specifically for exercise referral and the last couple of years have seen me taking on more projects for mental health service users and members of the BME community.

I am thrilled to have been appointed as the Healthy You coordinator for Cambridge City; Trying to break down those barriers to exercise for members of the community who are currently inactive is an exciting challenge and I am really looking forward to developing projects that will engage with city residents. My experience of years of working with people who have had severe challenges to becoming more active, and seeing their quality of life improve through exercise is truly inspirational!

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Leah Collis

Coordinator for South Cambridgeshire

Hello, I’m Leah and I’m the Coordinator for South Cambridgeshire.

After graduating from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff, I started my sports development career mainly in sailing. Developing programs and expanding junior memberships in clubs across North Wales. From there my sailing career has taken me all over the world. Working for the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda running their Legacy program and then over to New Zealand helping develop a sailing program there.

I previously worked for a local council, before I set off on my travels, so on my return to the UK I wanted to take the opportunity to use what I learned from the sailing industry and share across multiple sports and activities. I thrive on engaging with people, introducing them to physical activities and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

I will do my best to help South Cambridgeshire residence to get involved in any way possible, there is definitely something for everyone.

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Hannah Postlethwaite

Coordinator for Huntingdonshire

Hello, my name is Hannah and I am the Coordinator for Huntingdonshire.

After graduating from Leeds Beckett University in 2016, I joined the Active Lifestyles Team at Huntingdonshire District Council. I initially worked on the Exercise Referral Scheme before moving on to gain experience in sports development. I have been lucky enough to see the benefits of physical activity first hand, and it has secured my vision that everyone deserves a chance to be active in any way that interests them. I have a real passion for helping people, overcoming barriers and introducing them to physical activity.

I have always been interested in sport and growing up I gave everything a go! Football and hockey were my passions at school, although my love always truly lied with hockey. I am an avid hockey player in my local town and love being on the pitch with my team mates. Alongside this I hold a Sport and Exercise Science Degree and various qualifications relevant to health and physical activity.

There is something out there for everyone to stay fit and healthy; the important part is finding something you enjoy. I look forward to working on this project and engaging the Huntingdonshire community with Healthy You.

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Sophie Dalpra

Coordinator for East Cambridgeshire

My aim is to support, promote and encourage positive changes towards an active and healthy lifestyle and to help develop new initiatives where possible. We are all different, but I am convinced that there is something out there for everyone.

I have a background in Physical Education and teaching and a passion for the outdoors. I truly believe that being active and healthy should not just be something we tag onto our lives as an afterthought, but something that is very much a part of our culture, regardless of age or ability.

Awareness of the importance of good health and wellbeing has really risen in recent times. A healthy lifestyle has so many benefits; physically, mentally and socially. But sometimes we just need that little extra motivation and support to get going. Healthy You is here to help!

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Hettie West

Coordinator for Fenland

Hello, I am Hettie and I’m the coordinator for Fenland.

Having participated in physical activity my entire life, I know first-hand the countless benefits of being physically active. After graduating from the University of Lincoln with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science in 2020, I knew I wanted to further my involvement in physical activity and was lucky enough to join the team in 2021.

I myself have given many sports a go, including hockey, cricket, and girl’s rugby, but my two main passions are netball and horse riding. I have played netball throughout my entire school and university career and I now play at County Premier level and love it. I learnt to ride a horse before I could properly walk, and I now compete in showjumping for the British Showjumping Association with my own horse.

I believe that everybody deserves the chance to reap the endless mental, physical and social benefits of exercising and living a healthy active lifestyle. There is something out there for everyone, and I want to help others find out what their passion is. I look forward to working on this project and providing support, knowledge, and motivation to those in the Fenland community.

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Amy Hammond

Health and wellbeing operations manager of Vivacity

My name is Amy Hammond and I am the Health and wellbeing operations manager of Vivacity.

Since leaving University where I studied Physical activity, Health and Exercise Science I knew that setting up physical activity programmes was where I wanted to take my career. I started off in Rutland where I launched their Exercise Referral Scheme. It became so successful and reduced the waiting lists for physiotherapy in Rutland, that other neighbouring counties wanted to refer to us.

I then moved over to working for Peterborough where I wanted to grow these skills. I decided to do specialist instructor qualifications in Cardiac and Cancer rehabilitation, Obesity and diabetes and falls preventions. I am really passionate about showing people what can be done with finding the right physical activity programme for them. I have seen so many go from being inactive to active and how it has benefited them from reducing medication, pain and improving quality of life. I know physical activity can benefit everyone.

Personally, I enjoy running and will be taking part in the London marathon in October 2021.

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Abid Hussain

Coordinator for Peterborough

Hello, my name is Abid and I am the coordinator for Peterborough

I have been involved in health promotion for over 10 years now and have thoroughly enjoyed working on various projects starting from NHS PCT days to transitioning into Local Authority and private sector. I have managed and delivered various health promotion programmes from NHS Health Checks, delivering Behaviour Change and MECC courses in community and workplaces, developing and managing youth health ambassador programme in Peterborough to involve young people in making healthier choices in life, working with different community groups, partners and GP surgeries on public health issues. The focus of my role has been to try and reduce inequalities amongst the local population and improve quality of their health.

A key project I have led on within the lifestyle service was setting up physical activity programmes for those individuals who were inactive and living with a long term condition. The success of this project was a consequence of effective working with health professionals and patient groups and I intend to build on that.

At a personal level I love sports and have taken part in cricket and badminton during my time at university although it was a while ago! I am really excited to be involved in physical activity as I recognise the challenges individuals face in accessing services and I look forward to working with you to address some of these challenges.

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