National Child Measurement Programme

What is the National Child Measurement Programme:

The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) is a national programme delivered across schools in England that records the height and weight of school children in Foundation/Reception year (children aged 4-5) and Year 6 (children aged 10-11).

The programme is used to gather information which the NHS utilisies to plan and provide better health services for children.

Children are not informed of their measurements and a letter is sent to parents informing them of the results.

If you do not want your child’s weight and height recorded, you can opt-out.

What information do we collect within the National Child Measurement Programme and why?

  • Your child’s date of measurement, sex and date of birth are used to calculate your child’s weight category
  • Your child’s name, date of birth and NHS Number are used to link your child’s measurements in Reception and Year 6. Other data sets held by NHS Digital and Department of Health and Social Care. may also be linked as this would let us add information from health and education records, where lawful to do so, to understand how and why the weight of children is changing, and how this affects children’s health and education and how we can improve the care children receive
  • Your child’s ethnicity and address are used to help understand some of the reasons for the difference and changes in child weight across England
  • Your address is required to send you your child’s feedback letter. This will include your child’s measurements together with information about healthy eating, being active and related activities available in your area
  • Your email address and telephone number are required as we may contact you by email or telephone to discuss your child’s feedback/ send you your child’s feedback letter by email/ offer you further support following your child’s height and weight measurement

All the data collected is also used for improving health, care and services through research and planning.

All this information is treated confidentially and held securely. No individual measurements will be given to school staff or other children.

What happens to the information we collect within the National Child Measurement Programme?

Where can I go for further support

For more information on how to book 1:1 support with a Health Trainer, please visit:  

We have a local Healthy Families Directory which you may find useful to find out information and support on healthy eating and physical activity:

You may like to join our local Healthy You, Healthier Families Challenge. You can sign up here:

Fun ideas to help your family stay healthy can also be found on the NHS website at:

You can also speak to your child’s GP, practice nurse or their school nurse if you have any other questions or concerns.