Local Falls Prevention Service – Case Study

Ryan from Everyone Health came to give a talk about Falls Prevention to our village club and I knew I needed to know much more about this organization.  I had suffered several falls in recent years including seriously breaking an ankle twice and the amount of times I fell were increasing, especially when walking outdoors.

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Winter Grants

Winter  Grant – Apply Now Available until 31st March. Has COVID-19 left you struggling to feed everyone in your household or pay to heat your home? Healthy You’s partner, the Community Navigator Service and Care Network may be able to help by applying for a Winter Grant Direct Award. Applications can be made for one-off

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PECT’s Warmhomes

How to Keep Warm for Your Health As the days are getting colder, more and more of us will be switching our heating on and trying to stay warm in our homes. For many of us, we think about this just in terms of our personal comfort, however living in a cold home for whatever

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LEAP in Lockdown

It’s been another strange month for all of us but LEAP has continued to press ahead, delivering as many Home Energy Advice calls as we possibly can and carrying out visits where necessary. There is currently a very good take-up of the service with our telephone advice calls. We have, of course, seen quite a reduction in

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