Mental Health – Health Trainer

Want to get healthier?

If you have a mental illness and would like to improve your health and wellbeing, our Specialist Mental Health, Health Trainer can work with you to make these changes.

Setting small goals can help make these healthy lifestyle changes more achievable, and our experienced Mental Health, Health Trainer can help to motivate you along the way.

How to get help from a Mental Health, Health Trainer?

You will be assigned your own Mental Health, Health Trainer who will help you to set realistic, health related goals. They will offer support and understanding every step of the way. Your Mental Health, Health Trainer will work in partnership with you to find out what changes you would like to make and with up to 8 sessions of healthy lifestyle support, they can help you with many elements of your health such as:

  • Healthy eating
  • Losing weight
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Reducing stress
  • Growing a network of support
  • Creating more structure to your day

Who can get healthy with us?

Anyone who lives in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough aged 16+ and diagnosed with a mental illness.

Or registered at a GP practice located in Cambridgeshire or Peterborough.

Case Study

This patient joined the Mental Health Trainer Service not long after suffering a break down and problems with anxiety. During this they had to leave their job and was unable to leave the house.

The patient’s main aim wasn’t to lose weight, they just wanted support to eat a little healthier, get more active and have a reason to leave the house.

We discussed their diet and the main challenges seemed to be portion sizes, too many unhealthy snacks and frying food. We started by looking at the way they were cooking and they decided to start grilling instead of frying. They also decided to swap bacon in the morning for Weetabix or Shredded Wheat which was a success. Another goal we set was around the amount of sugary foods they were eating. To begin with the patient was eating about half a packet of biscuits every day. When we discussed this they decided to cut down, cutting down to 4 a day, then to 2 and then having them every other day.

When it came to exercise they did very little as they were not able to leave the house. The patient had a dog to walk which was something we used as a motivational tool to steadily increase their physical activity levels. Firstly, we looked for exercises to do at home, such as yoga, until they felt confident enough to go outside. Once this was accomplished they decided to try walking the dog with a family member. By the end of our sessions the person was walking the dog for 2 long walks a day on their own. They also started to walk to the local shop which would normally be driven to.

From the start of our appointments to the end I saw a huge change in this patient, they were so much more confident and happy with how their life was progressing. As their confidence grew they attended some wellbeing courses alongside our appointments and also started some voluntary work.

“The best part about being a Mental Health, Health Trainer is the reward of seeing someone transform their life into a healthier happier one. When someone mentions how much the service has helped them it brings a huge amount of satisfaction to myself as well as them. Its lovely to build up a great partnership and watch how much the service has an impact on their health and wellbeing” – Claire.