Personal care

It’s important to maintain good personal hygiene and toileting needs, along with dressing and keeping up your appearance.

We’ve listed some top tips below to help make your personal care routine as simple as possible.

Healthy You’s Top Tips

Try to avoid slips, trips and falls

Keep your toilet, bath and shower free from clutter. It’s also a good idea to invest in some anti-slip sticker strips for your bathroom or shower to prevent you from slipping.

Ensure your bathroom has good lighting so you can see clearly.

Wear sturdy footwear that has fastenings, a stable sole that fit your feet well.

Establish a routine for bathing and dressing

A routine can help you get into the swing of regularly doing activities such as showering, brushing your teeth, grooming etc at certain times.

If you may forget to do these activities, set an alarm on your phone or alarm clock to help remind you to do these things. There are also several mobile apps such as the Medcare Reminder app that you can use as a daily scheduling tool to remind you to take your medication and other activites.

Make dressing, bathing and toileting as easy as possible

Consider using equipment like hand rails, dressing sticks, bath steps and long-handled items i.e. long-handled comb that makes performing tasks easier.

A raised toilet seat can assist with getting on and off the toilet.

Simplifying your clothing choices will also make this process easier for you. Consider using clothing with adaptive features like Velcro, elastic waistbands and magnetic buttons that are easier to manage.

Keep warm

Ensure your dressing and bathroom areas are sufficiently heated to prevent any discomfort caused by cold temperatures. You may want to use towel warmers or space heaters to maintain warmth.

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