What’s in season this August

August – the season of summer, barbecues, and an array of fresh produce.

While we can’t always rely on the weather to make it feel like summer, seasonal produce can always be relied on to give a summer’s touch to your cooking.

Keep reading to find out the freshest ingredients to add to your cooking this month.


Is it a fruit or vegetable? The debate lives on. Tomatoes come in a rainbow of colours and plenty of different shapes and sizes – and they’re all in season! The versatile vegetable (or fruit) can be used in fresh salads, curries, soups and casseroles – if you’re already starting to feel autumnal.


A vastly underrated vegetable! A vibrant colour and delicious flavour, especially when roasted. Add to salads, in your brownies (just trust us), or you can even juice it to get your nutrients in.


At the end of August, the first early apple varieties have been harvested. What better way to make use of these apples by making your own crumble to end your day on a sweet note. Not a dessert lover? Try pairing them with your morning porridge to create a bowl of spiced apple goodness to kickstart your day using this recipe here.


This sweet and tart fruit makes it incredibly versatile to add to both sweet and savoury dishes. As well as raspberries, we can’t forget their family – strawberries and blueberries, which are bursting with antioxidants.

Salad leaves

All sorts of green leaves are in season right now, from spinach to various lettuces. Why not make a fresh salad to close out summer with the aforementioned produce above?


This white fish is a much more sustainable and cheaper alternative to cod. Will you grill, fry or batter yours for your fish and chip supper? We also have a variety of fish dishes here to serve as your dinner inspiration, which you can substitute for hake.

What’s in season this August      
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