Become a smoke free woman today!

Giving up smoking can be a challenge and everyone’s journey to becoming smoke free will be different. Learning what makes quitting unique for some women may help you become smoke free too.

Understanding Triggers

Reminders of smoking, like seeing or smelling a cigarette can make you crave one too, along with negative emotions. Feeling stressed or sad can make it harder to quit. It is important to recognise your triggers and then learn how to handle them in a way that won’t leave you reaching for a packet of cigarettes, so creating the right environment and surrounding yourself with supportive people will help set you up for success.

Supportive Relationships

Surrounding yourself with people who can support you on your journey to becoming smoke free is really important. Love one’s can help you face any challenges by distracting you when you crave a cigarette and are there to celebrate each and every milestone you achieve. If there are people who aren’t able to support you, manage the time you spent with them in the short term as they may contribute to you slipping up. Try and identify who can and will support you and then ask them for help and then create some space from those who can’t help. If you know someone who smokes why not ‘buddy up’ with them as you will have a built-in support system from someone who knows exactly what you are going through.

Worries About Weight Gain

Many women who smoke are worried that quitting will impact on their weight. But think about all the benefits that stopping smoking will bring – how much better you will feel and look. Don’t let worries about weight stop you from trying to quit. Becoming more active is a great way to help take your mind off any cravings. Make becoming smoke free your priority.

Nicotine Withdrawal

Nicotine is the main addictive substance in cigarettes, and it is what makes you feel good when you smoke by increasing your levels of dopamine, it’s also what causes cravings when you finally stop. It is important to learn to manage any withdrawal symptoms and nicotine replacement products are available to help you do just that, you just need to find the most appropriate for you.

Quitting for Two

Many women make the decision to quit smoking in pregnancy or when they are trying to have a baby, as nicotine reduces both male and female fertility and can lead to complications throughout pregnancy and at the birth. Passive smoking – breathing in someone else’s second-hand smoking is also dangerous, so quitting before you start your family will not only improve your health but that of anyone loving with you.

Quitting for good

Once you make the decision to quit smoking, try. As you face life as a non-smoker you will see not only physical benefits but financial ones too. And best of all you don’t have to do it alone. Our specialist stop smoking practitioners have helped many thousands of women just like you to become smoke free once and for all. Our staff understand what triggers you may face and will be able to offer you a plan to deal with them. If appropriate they can prescribe nicotine replacement products to help manager any withdrawal symptoms you may experience. But best of all they will be there to offer all the moral support you need to be and be your very own personal cheerleader.

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