Does your social life affect your smoking habits?

After the year we have all just experienced, seeing friends, going out and having a social life is really important. But who we see, where we go and what we do can have a big impact on if and what we smoke. Smoking might seem completely normal if your friends smoke. But you can become smoke free and still have an active social life.

Cigarettes and Friends

Most people who smoke usually have friends who smoke, particularly young people.  If you want to quit and your friends don’t, maybe you need to step away, temporarily, from the person who still smokes. If you are good friends and your relationship is built on more than smoking, it will survive you quitting.  The time apart will help you to re-evaluate your friendships and the people who love and care about you will want you to succeed in your journey to becoming smoke free.

When you make the decision to quit you may need to avoid certain social situations, these will be the ones that make you crave a cigarette. You may associate smoking with certain other behaviours like drinking a beer, so until you are in control of your cravings try avoiding them. Explain to your friends that its’ not them you are avoiding, just the situation.

Social Smoking

Social smoking is when you smoke just in social situations like at a party. Usually there is alcohol present which can affect the judgements you make, leading to poor choices – like smoking.

We all know that smoking is bad for your health and your wallet, so as ‘Freedom Day’ approaches and we are finally free to ramp up our social life, whether visiting the theatre or dancing the night away in a club, why not free yourself form your smoking habit.

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Does your social life affect your smoking habits?      
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