Healthy You are Saluting Our Sisters – Black History Month

October marks the start of Black History Month here in the UK, a time where we continue to recognise and celebrate the invaluable achievements and contributions of the Black community, as well as championing for inclusivity. 

This year’s Black History Month theme of ‘Saluting our Sisters’ is to celebrate the exceptional achievements of black women, who’s achievements are often overlooked and forgotten about.  

Annie Brewster was one of the first black nurses to work in Britain in the 1800s, where she earned the nickname ‘Nurse Ophthalmic’ through her dedication to working with older patients who were losing their sight.  

London Hospital Archives show that Annie was considered a progressive matron at the hospital and was described as “a favourite with all the sisters under whom she worked” who was ‘gentle and kind’ to all patients.

Annie is one of the many British black healthcare pioneers who have helped to build a more equitable healthcare system in the UK.  

You can read more about Annie, and celebrate her life and achievements here.

Healthy You are Saluting Our Sisters – Black History Month      
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