James got help with his mental health

Before starting treatment, I was at a complete loss at what to do about the problems surrounding my issues with addiction, mental health and general wellbeing. My substance abuse had gotten completely out of control and was having such a negative and knock on effect to every aspect on my daily functioning. I had come so close to just ending it on many occasions, as I’ve tried so many times and treatment to address my issues, but kept finding myself back in the same position time and time again. Since reaching out and engaging with Russell, for the first time in a very long time I am at a place where life and my issues have finally gotten to a level I haven’t reached before. I have been able realise the reasons why I kept returning to active addiction and able to put into place strategies to keep me in recovery. My suicidal thoughts and depression is also at bay and I am very hopeful on my future. I am also more engaging, confident and my social anxiety is improving. I have found myself able to concentrate on aspirations and also gained my level 2 fitness instructor qualifications. I have reached out to NA and built a really strong network of support to help me continue on my road of recovery. I am so grateful to all the help, support, encouragement, advice and understanding that Russell has shown me and continues to show me. I can’t thank him and Everyone Health enough for giving me the opportunity to reconnect with myself and also improve the relationships with my family.


*name changed to protect identity

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