We did it! Route 66 find success

It took three weeks longer than expected, but the virtual walk along Route 66 was successfully completed.

The team had planned to complete the walk, some 2448 miles, during May Healthy walking month, but had fallen short. As May came to an end rather than give up, the team soldiered on and crossed the finish line some 15 days late.

We never considered quitting, we pulled on our walking boots, wellies in my case, and just carried on. No, we didn’t complete it within the time we had set ourselves but most importantly we did complete it, we finished, we achieved our goal.

Although we walked this virtually, some accompanied by our pets, children, or partners many did at least some of the miles alone and the question remains, would we have been successful if we were undertaking this challenge completely alone, or were we successful because we were doing it with other people? I suspect it’s the latter.

Each week we registered our mileage, shared photos from our walks, and talked about where we had walked and what we had encountered. For some this was pounding the streets where we live, through the concrete maze of modern towns, for others it was a simple walk in the countryside. Having other people involved, sharing a goal made the difference.

And this is true with many of the challenges we face today. We have all been there, you start the day planning to eat less or more healthily but you fall of the wagon and succumb to a chocolate biscuit as there is no one to show you a different way. If you want to lose weight, reduce the amount of alcohol you drink or move more and be more active you are more likely to succeed if you are supported in your challenge and if you are a smoker, you are four times more likely to quit smoking for good if you get help. So whatever challenge you face, don’t do it alone, reach out and find the support you need.

Me, well I’ll sign up for whatever challenge the team decides is next.

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