Quit smoking during Pride

 LGBTQ+ people are far more likely to smoke than straight people. Around seven in 10 LGBTQ+ people smoke regularly, casually or are former smokers.

Caroline Kenny, Clinical Professional Lead for Tobacco control at Everyone Health said “There is limited research into why the prevalence for smoking is so high within the LGBTQ+ community but we do know that LGBTQ+ members are more likely to suffer health inequalities with stress, anxiety and poorer mental health being commonplace; nicotine is often used to self-medicate.

Being queer isn’t the reason people start smoking but it is one of the reasons they continue to smoke. We want to change that, by providing access to specialist stop smoking practitioners, Nicotine replacement therapies and support in managing cravings – we are here to help.”

Everyone Health offer support to stop smoking for good – and it’s Free!

Call us now on 0333 005 0093 and make a change today.

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