What Can You do with a Potato?

We think the question should be what can’t you do with a potato!

Potatoes are easily the most versatile, cheap (and delicious) vegetable out there and you can make a whole host of tasty meals with them! Read on to learn some new ways of preparing and using all of your potatoes:

  1. Boil

Boiling potatoes is probably the easiest way of cooking them and after cooking them, you can make multiple dishes with them like a classic potato salad or they make a great addition to any dish on their own.

  • Fried

Homemade fried chips are a great healthier, and not to mention, cheaper alternative to indulging in some chips from your local takeaway. Although it might seem like the easiest option to take the more convenient road to satisfy your hunger – did you know that ordering takeaways cost Britons £1,000 per year.

  • Mash

Everyone’s favourite creamy dish! Mashed potato makes for the perfect side to any balanced meal.

  • Baked

Life can sometimes get too hectic for any complicated dishes, so a baked potato is the perfect quick, easy and healthy meal. Bake them in the oven or microwave, and get creative with your fillings! Our favourite is tuna mayo and sweetcorn which packs a good amount of protein to keep you satisfied and fuller for longer.

  • Roasted

Arguably everyone’s favourite way of having a spud – and the best component of a roast dinner! Cut up your spuds, put them in the oven at 220C and roast them until crisp and golden for the perfect roastie!

Whether they’re mashed, fried or spilt open with your favourite filling, there’s no denying potatoes are an underrated superfood that offer the 4 most important nutrients required by the body – fibre, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C.

At just 70p per kg, make sure your cupboards are stocked up on this staple superfood! 

If you’d like to gain some more nutritional knowledge to support you on your journey to Better Health, call our FREE Adult Weight Management on 0333 005 0093 to find out more and sign-up.

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