Why are the people on Love Island never seen eating a proper meal?

It’s that time of year again and whether you love it or loath it, ‘I’ve got a text’ is once again filling our screens as we are treated to the latest series of Love Island. Probably one of the most divisive shows on TV, it’s sees ‘beautiful’ people compete to win £50,000 my coupling up with a stranger.

Whilst the show airs for an hour 6 nights a week we never see the contestants eat, especially a proper meal.  As they are locked up together 24 hours a day for 8 weeks, it’s a safe bet that they must be eating, so why do we never see it?

This show has been heavily criticised for having a negative effect on viewers mental health as the men are all ‘shredded’ and the women ‘skinny’ – the inclusion of a curvy lady is someone who is a size 12 when the UK national average is a 16! One way the producers could help combat this would be show the contestants preparing and eating healthy nutritious meals.

Many young people don’t learn to cook at school, so this platform would be an ideal one to show someone quickly prepping a healthy meal,  even if it was only microwaving a jacket potato and pouring some baked beans on top – quick healthy and nutritious.

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